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How do your Magento PDF look like?

Design your invoices, shipment, credit memo and order PDF's directly in Magento editor. No PHP or even HTML needed to make beautiful PDF's. Make different PDF's for stores, so you can brand correctly and up-sale by using the cross-sell element and QR code. Easy administration with barcode and save all generated PDF to folder for better performance and administration. Customers can download it from there account and you can attach the PDF to sales emails.

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HTML2PDF - Making Magento PDF changes easy

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Now you can make your PDF lineup with the rest of you shop, and do it so simple that all the pains off PDF in Magento goes away. If you can figure out to make a CMS page in Magento, then you can make you PDF look the way they should have look. The customers can receive the PDF's as attachment to the sales emails (do only work on Magento version 1.5 and up), or they can log into their account and from my orders download the order, invoice, shipment and credit memo PDF.


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Some of the core futures of the HTML2PDF module from ext4mage are:

Checkmark HTML2PDF fuctions Easily create PDF from HTML
Checkmark HTML2PDF fuctions 800+ built-in variables
Checkmark HTML2PDF fuctions 18+ formatting options
Checkmark HTML2PDF fuctions QR and barcode formatting
Checkmark HTML2PDF fuctions Save pdf to folder for performance and easy administration
Checkmark HTML2PDF fuctions Unlimited design possibilities
Checkmark HTML2PDF fuctions Extreme flexibility
Checkmark HTML2PDF fuctions No PHP skills required
Checkmark HTML2PDF fuctions Use custom images in your PDF’s
Checkmark HTML2PDF fuctions Multi reuse of elements
Checkmark HTML2PDF fuctions Make inline programming logic
Checkmark HTML2PDF fuctions Easy make page breaks
Checkmark HTML2PDF fuctions All product element available

Cross-sell products

Based on the products in the order, invoice, shipping or credit memo, you can add a cross-sell element with the products cross-sell items. You can design it the way you like and have as many or as few as you want.

Templates include

There are 2 templates included in the extension. You can choose to use them as they are, or make them the base for you unique design. It so easy whatever way you chose, that you are up and running in nor time.


All editing, in the templates used to make the final PDF’s, is done in a WYSIWYG editor, like you know it from Magento CMS pages. So even if you do not know PHP or even HTML you can make your PDF look the way you want. If you want more control or more advances possibilities, you can turn off the WYSIWYG editor and edit directly in the HTML. You can use the built-in image and formatting functions of the WYSIWYG editor, so it becomes very easy.


All the different variables from the order, products and the single PDF type, is available when designing your PDF's. It could not be easier to include the variables you need in your template, whether it is the number of invoices in an order or the products image URL.


You can format all variables in your PDF templates, from many different PHP or Magento formatting options. This way you can ensure that the value always will be shown the correct way, even if you use different currencies, date/time formatting or so on. Also QR and barcodes can be used with any variable, text or URL.

Save PDF's

Setup to save PDF when they are generated the first time, define when it has to be regenerated. This improves performance, makes more easy to get all PDF generated in the system and also makes it possible to follow German law. This function do only work on Magento version 1.6.0 and up.


When you have created an element, ex a header, it can be reused in all templates. That way HTML2PDF insures that make the most out of each element.

Inline coding

The HTML2PDF module has the function to write inline PHP code, this way you can do even more advanced stuff. You can check a variable to see if it compares with something, and then either print one or another value. There endless possibilities, it is just you imagination that sets the limit. All inline code is being run in the PHP function EVAL.

If you have any question - please contact us at

 15 days money back          free upgrades module          bug free module

Tested and ready to use for Magento versions

Magento version  HTML2PDF status
1.9.2 Tested and working
1.8.0 Tested and working, also with alternative database (non MySQL)
1.7.0 Tested and working, also with alternative database (non MySQL)
1.6.2 / 1.6.1 / 1.6.0 Tested and working, also with alternative database (non MySQL)
1.5.1 / 1.5.0 Tested and working 
1.4.2 Tested and working

Release notes

Version   Release comments
1.4.1 Bug fix and smaller updates
1.4.0 Added save functionality
Added QR and barcode elements
Added rowspan possibility
Added image optimization
Added Pagenumbers
Support for Enterprise
Multi address lines fix
Updated tcpdf to newest version
Use theader for tables - do not seem to change pdf however
Different small bug and optimization changes
1.3.1 Option variables available in new way, that makes it possible to use in product table columns
Updated version of TCPDF
Removed problems when running in strict mode
Gift messages object added to variables, both on order and items
TCPDF image not found error - no image is shown if it do not exist
1.3.0 Download of all the PDF's from My Account
Attach PDF and Terms and Conditions on sales emails (only Magento 1.5 and up)
Inbuilt support for order PDF
US/Canada paper size support (Letter, Legal, GLetter, JLegal)
1.2.5 Now tested and working with Magento 1.7.0. Also support for alternative databases is added (non MySQL)
1.2.0 Add cross-sell element, so the cross-sell products can be showed based on products in order.

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