Orders2CSV PRO User manual - File structure setup

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File structure setup

Orders2CSV PRO magento extension - menu item

Here you setup al information need the generate a CSV file from your orders. You find it under ext4mage in the navigations bar at the top of the page.

Grid overview

The first screen you will see is the grid overview, here all file structures are listed. By clicking on either the row or the edit link on the right side, you will get to the edit page of that element. You can also create a new by clicking on the Create new file structure button.

Orders2CSV PRO magento extension - file structure grid

General – element information

Either way you choose the first screen you will see is the one below, here you setup the general stuff about the file structure that is selected.

Magento orders2csvPRO extension file structure general

Field description:

  • Title – The title of the file, will also be used as filename on generation
  • Status – The status of this element, only enabled will show up in configuration
  • Type – Define the type of the file structure, values are Order, Invoice, Shipment and Creditmemo
  • Delimiter -  This is the delimiter to be used in the generated CSV file
  • Enclosure – Set the character to be used to enclose value in the CSV file

File columns

The next thing you want to setup in your file structure, is the different column. There is no limit in the module of how many columns that you can have.

Magento orders2csvPRO extension file structure column

Field description:

  • Title – The title of the column, also to be used in the head row of the CSV file
  • Value – Put in the variable that shall be in the column, you can see all variable available in the help section of the extension – see more about how to use variables into the sections Variable use in column value, Formatting variables and Coding inline in value field.
  • Sort order – In which order this column shall be shown, from left to right

The CSV file is buildup in the following way, that if it contains item, option or bundle variables it generates extra row for each of these, each of these repeating  the order information. Let me try to explain it with an example.

You want to export 1 order, with 2 items in. One item has 2 options and the other is a bundle with 3 elements, then the column value will determent how many rows it generated like this:

Contains values Order rows Item row Option/Bundle rows Total rows
Only order value 1 1
Order and item values 1 2 3
Order, item, options 1 2 2 5
Order, item, bundle 1 2 3 6
Order, item, option, bundle 1 2



The Orders2CSV PRO extension for Magento
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