Orders2CSV PRO User manual - Schedule setup

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Schedule setup

Under the schedule item you can, do the setup of all the schedules that shall be run. A schedule is when and what shall be sent by email to a receiver automatic. One order will only be sent once per schedule, so that they do not come double entries.

Magento cron has to be setup – see more here:     how_to_setup_a_cron_job

Grid overview

Here you get an overview off all schedules, with information of title, which file structure is used and when it is last been run automatic. One thing to notice is on the far right, here you can do a test send. That means that a email will be sent based on the schedule, but which orders has been sent will not be logged, and the last run timestamp is not updated.

Orders2CSV PRO magento extension - schedule grid

Create/ Edit schedule

In this screen you setup all information about the schedule. The parameters controllers how, what and to who the schedule file structure shall be sent.

Orders2CSV PRO magento extension - schedule edit

Field description:

  • Title – The title of the schedule also used as email subject
  • Is active – is the schedule active or not, will be run is active
  • Receiver email – the email which the file structure shall be sent to.
  • File structure – which file structure that shall be used to generate the csv that gets sent.
  • Order status – choose all statuses or a single status, and only orders with that status will be used in the csv file that’s get generated.
  • Run this – interval that the schedule shall be run
  • Include header – if the header (column titles) shall be included in the csv
  • Attach output as file – shall the csv be attached as file or written directly into the email text

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