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Manual for Orders2CSV PRO - Magento Extension

The orders2csvPRO module from ext4mage.com lets you export your order, invoice, shipment and creditmemo information to a CSV file with ease. You can easily make new file structures, where you though the orders2csv admin pages, can setup which fields shall be included in the CSV file. You can use many different variables in the export and it is also possible to make use of simple logic to general field value. You can setup schedules where you define which order, invoices, shipments or creditmemos shall be exported based on status or states, then send the CSV file to a defined email address.

This document is a guide to teach you how to use the module. For installation instructions please see the installation manual.

  1. System options
  2. File structure setup
  3. Variable use in column value
  4. Schedule setup
  5. Save CSV
  6. The CSV file

The Orders2CSV PRO extension for Magento
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