Notify4errors user manual

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User manual

The notify4errors extension for Magento


The notify4errors module from makes it possible to see errors and notifications that your users experience. It records error, warning and notification messages from your system, and also records all 404 page not found errors that happens. All recordings is shown with information about the call and the users system, so that it is possible to use the data to debug the problems.

This document is a guide to teach you how to use the module. For installation instructions please see the installation manual.

System options

Set up the general options for the use of the module.


Field description:

  • Messages levels – which messages shall be saved (errors, warnings and notices)
  • Capture CMS no-route – shall 404 page not found errors be captured
  • Capture CMS no-cookie – shall request where customer do not have cookie enabled be captured


Log of errors

The first you see when you click on ext4mage->notify4errors is a list off all notification that is recorded in the module. You can then click on it to see more information about an recording. notify4errors_grid

View recording

All information about the recording will now be shown, based on which type it is different information will be shown. If the recording is a messages then the message text will be shown

Some of the information shown is also related to the users how got the error

The notify4errors extension for Magento
See more about the magento extension notify4errors

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