HTML2PDF User manual - Using formatting

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Using formatting

There are some standard formatting options available in the HTML2PDF module. These formatting can be used on all variables, whether or not they are computed or single. See more about computed variables in section Using inline coding.

The last tab in help pages, is a list of all the available formatting options. HTML2PDF User manual - listing formatting in help

The way you use formatting is like follows for a single variable

{{formatting variable_code}}        //the format
{{format_price order_data_subtotal}}
  //example, will print the subtotal of order with the correct currency formatting

If you have inline code the formatting of that is as follows

##formatting the_code##             //the format
##format_price {{order_data_subtotal }}-{{order_data_discount}}##
  //example, will print the subtotal minus the discount with the correct currency formatting

The HTML2PDF extension for Magento
See more about the magento extension HTML2PDF

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