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Template setup

This is the master of the HTML2PDF module; here you collect the different elements into the final template used for printing the PDF.

When you press print in the different screen in Magento, then the active template based on type and store is selected. If no templates is present for the PDF type and store the default Magento PDF layout will be chosen. Are there multiple templates which are matching, the template to be chosen random.

First screen you will see when editing a template is the general tap, here you setup main information about the template in hand.

HTML2PDF User manual - edit general part of template element

Field description:

  • Type – select the type of print the template should be applied to, can be Order, Invoice, Shipment and Credit Memo.
  • Store view – Select the stores that this template shall be active for
  • Number of cross-sell items – Is the number of cross-sell items that should be collected, still only the ones defined in the cross-sell text element will be shown
  • Active from – Set an date from which this template should be used, can be empty
  • Active to – Set a date until which this template should be used, can be empty

In the next tab you select the text and table elements that should be used in this templateHTML2PDF User manual - edit the text element used in template

The last tab contains information about the general style and setup of the template in hand. HTML2PDF User manual - edit the style of the template element

It is still possible to set a different font, font-size and color within the single text element. But not all font-types are supported.


The HTML2PDF extension for Magento
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