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Table element setup

In this step you setup a product table. The first screen you will see, is a list of all the tables that exist, you are now able to edit one of them or make a new table from scratch.

If you will make a new from an existing, open the old and change Title and click Save As

General – element information

Either way you choose the first screen you will see is the one below; here you setup the general stuff about the table in hand. HTML2PDF User manual - edit table general info

Field description:

  • Table style – general style elements the use in whole table
  • Header style – style elements that will be added to the header of each column
  • Even product row style – style elements that will be used in even rows in the table
  • Odd product row style – style elements that will be used in odd rows in the table

Using cellspacing and borders in you tables can conflict, so if the borders are missing cellspacing could be the sinner. In this case use cellpadding instead.


The row style will be implemented on the <tr> object, so write you style with that in mind


Table columns

The next thing you want to setup in your table is the different column. There is no limit in the module of how many columns that you can have.

On each column you have to decide how the different product type information shall be shown. The 4 types of product types can be handled like described in this table:

Default Bundle Downloadable Virtual
Do not show X X X
Use default format X X
Use custom format X X X X

The screen for setting up the column is as below HTML2PDF User manual - edit table column

Field description:

  • Custom style – general style elements for this column
  • Width – the width of the column in percent
  • Sort order – in which order this column shall be shown, from left to right
  • XX product format – how to show the product type, see the table above
  • Product format – the content of the column for the product, html code can be used.
  • Option format – if product has options this is the content for options, html code can be used
  • Bundle itemsgroup format – bundle product have groups of item, this field set how that should be shown, html code can be used
  • Bundle item format – the content to be shown with each product item in the bundle group, html code can be used.

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