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HTML2PDF has different element, which can be combined to create a complete template for a PDF print. Within these elements you can use different types of variables related to the type of print and element. The way HTML2PDF is made will make reuse very simple.

Element description

Following main elements exist in HTML2PDF:

This is the head element. In your template you setup all general settings, and also the other elements that shall be combined into the final PDF.

Here all text elements are held, that being header, footer and main text for all types of PDF prints. The different text elements can be used in various templates, meaning that you can have a single header and footer that can be reused in all templates. All text written in this element can contain html format, read more about this in text setup section.

Building the product table is done in this element. It has information about the table, such as style, width, layout and so forth. Within this element you define multiple columns with information about column header text, value, style and so forth. This table can also be reused in different templates.

Elements relationship

The illustration below describes the internal relationship, from the template point of view:

HTML2PDF - Overview element in a pdf


The HTML2PDF extension for Magento
See more about the magento extension HTML2PDF

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