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The HTML2PDF module from will help you make Magento PDF print’s with ease. It is now possible to make Magento PDF’s with a WYSIWYG editor, as you know it from the CMS pages of Magento.
It also brings you the possibility to setup different PDF’s for you stores and languages. Still with a maximum of reuse.

This document is a guide to teach you how to use the HTML2PDF module. For installation instructions please see the installation manual. This manual is designed to explain every step of the module, and give an understanding of the different elements and fields used in HTML2PDF module.

Throughout the manual you will see two types of text elements.

This type of text will have some tips & tricks to the current subject. Read them, because they will contain information that will save you many hours.

In these text format code examples and formatting are written.

The HTML2PDF extension for Magento
See more about the magento extension HTML2PDF

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