HTML2PDF User manual - Example explained

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Example explained

In the HTML2PDF module when just installed is examples of templates. Below is the example for the invoice template’s main text, here you can see that both variables and formatting are used. Make notice of the way tables are used in the examples, if you would do the same with div or similar it would not work. Use the templates as inspiration or as the base of you own templates, just use save as function so the original is not overwritten. HTML2PDF User manual - example of a PDF template

Notice the way cellspacing and cellpadding is used in the inline tables of the example. Use this way and not style padding or margin elements

Below is the invoice example in a PDF reader, here you can see all the variables change to real values.

HTML2PDF User manual - the PDF from the example template


The HTML2PDF extension for Magento
See more about the magento extension HTML2PDF

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