HTML2PDF User manual - Development mode

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Development mode

The HTML2PDF module has an inbuilt function to set it in development mode this is very useful when making a template. You set the module into development mode in system settings.

Be aware that development mode affects the entire module, so it is not possible to print any PDF’s in this mode. Alternative you can also set the module to inactive, so Magento PDF’s are used, and then use the preview function in the template screen.

When in development mode the code breaks, and prints the templates information and html directly to the screen. The first thing you see is a long list of text like the on below, it contains 2 types of print-out.

  • The first Variable in template is the variable function being performed, you can see the variable code and then the Magento code that is translated into, and finally the real value it produces.
  • Second is the inline code, here you see the code being processed after all variables have been translated into real values. The next line is the html code after the processing, this is the code that will be used in to PDF generator

HTML2PDF User manual - development mode printout

If it is still not showing in the PDF as in the development mode print-out, then check the html code to see if anything here is wrong

Last in the print-out the header, main and footer text is printed out in html. This is the final html code that is being sent to the PDF generator.

HTML2PDF User manual - development mode printout all

If everything is looking fine in the development print-out, but not showing up in the PDF then check the html is well-formatted. Even if you are missing an end </b> can break the PDF generator.


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