HTML2PDF PDF not being shown

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Old style Magento PDF is shown not the HTML2PDF template.

When pressing print in invoice, order, shipping or creditmememo the old Magento style PDF is shown, not the HTML2PDF template PDF.

The most common reason for this error, is that another extension is installed that also tries to handle the PDF layout. So check if you have any other 3. party modules installed that has something to do with PDF layout. Then try to deactivate them in System->Configuration->Advanced or by going into app/etc/modules and change the 3 party module xml, so it says <active>false</active>.

Alternative it can also be that the module is not activated. Go into System->Configuration-> Ext4mage->Html2pdf and activate the module if it is not active.

Know 3. party modules to give problems:

  • MagentoPycho_PdfInvoice

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